The Hord Coplan Macht Cool Box is a place to get to know some of the people and personalities who are delivering great ideas and leading work for our clients. In the Cool Box today: Jim Knost, an Associate in our Senior Living Studio.

Did you have any reservations when deciding to become an architect…

Deciding to become an architect – no real reservations, it was either that or music/performance.  I loved making buildings…and it was a good way to support my performing habit! (Note: Jim spends much of his free time performing in community theater!)

What’s the key to establishing rapport with your clients?

I think a key to client rapport is to be clear that everyone is on the same team, we want the same thing, which is a successful design from both the designer and the client point of view.  Blending the expertise of both sides is important, so that everyone is invested in the final outcome.

What’s something you don’t feel you can learn in school and that you have to be in the field to understand?

Being in the field as opposed to school brings the reality of materials and construction to the ideas put on paper.  Since we deal with real materials and objects, it helps to know and see and feel what those things are and how they can be put together to realize the art of what goes on paper.

What’s one surprising fact about you that most people don’t know?

I have different varied groups of people around me, architects, runners, performers, who often discover things from the other parts of my life they’re not typically involved in.  The architects are surprised to find out that I sing and act and run, the runners are surprised that I perform, the actors are surprised that I am a distance runner.

What are currently binging on Netflix…

The latest TV binges have been The Man in the High Castle, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and Boardwalk Empire.  Nothing new on the horizon yet…