Whetstone Workforce Housing

Developed on a 15-acre parcel located in the northern Gunnison Valley in Colorado, Whetstone is large-scale development. The neighborhood will be comprised of eight zones that will create a cohesive community. In total, the project will house 252 units, all split within a mix of two-story duplexes, triplexes, townhomes, as well as two- and three-story multifamily apartment buildings. This expansive community will also host community-oriented and outdoor focused amenities, including access to the Central Greenway/Park Boundary Trail, Boundary Link, as well as multiple public transportation access points for all residents. 

The overall project square footage is 322,800 sf, which includes some garages, areas for service and maintenance, resident storage, and some small amenity spaces such as sales and leasing offices, restrooms, storage, and a small multi-purpose room. There will be 12 building types, 13 typical unit types and 13 additional variations on these units to be modified in unique conditions such as corner units and Type “B” units.  

The project is planned to use geothermal power and will be completely all-electric, following local and state initiatives. Consisting of a ground source heat pump which is provided at most residential units, the system will utilize the available heat transfer from the ground to satisfy the HVAC requirements. This method is energy-efficient and will reduce the project’s reliance on fossil fuels or excessive use of resistive electric heaters or air-source heat pumps. 


322,800 gsf multifamily
252 multifamily units
15 acres
Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) grant funding and other State grants 

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