UCHealth PET/CT Replacement and Renovation

The project included the replacement of the PET/CT equipment, and renovation of the scan and control rooms and patient uptake area. All finishes and millwork were redesigned to refresh for an improved patient experience and staff satisfaction. HCM utilized our visualization expertise to convey the design concepts, clearly communicating the future state of the room. The scope also included mechanical, electrical and plumbing upgrades necessary to support the new equipment. Shielding upgrades were necessary for the new equipment as well as corridor door enlargement for equipment removal and replacement. The addition of a ceiling mounted patient lift was evaluated for aiding staff in patient transport. The project also includes coordinating a temporary PET/CT unit in an adjacent parking area. Part of the project scope was to design permanent power and water supply for this temporary unit, as well as future temporary or mobile units the hospital may need.

Working with UCHealth, Howell Construction, SES and GE, the HCM team utilized our Project Delivery Roadmap to establish a process for an efficient project process. The entire project was scoped and priced before design began. In addition to the team, the end users were heavily engaged in the scoping. It was determined that the entire scope of the project exceeded the available budget, so the construction documents included deductive alternates, so the entire scope could be bid, but would allow the owner to choose the final project scope based upon available funding and budget for future project funding allocations.

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