“The Learning Playground”: 2020 EDspaces Classroom Design Competition

“The EDspaces Classroom Design Competition recognizes exceptional and original design work, highlighting creative and effective learning environments. ¬†Experience modern approaches to learning in these winning EDspaces classrooms showcasing innovative designs and new products enhancing your on-site education. This year’s classroom designers met the additional challenge of re-creating learning spaces for the COVID-19 era. See outstanding examples of spatial distancing, sanitation, washing stations, and flexible environments.”¬† Hord Coplan Macht is pleased to have submitted one of the 2020 winning designs, “The Learning Classroom”.

The Learning Playground embraces environmental factors such as nature connectedness, mental and physical health, and human connection, which have been affiliated with student success. As education continues to interweave emerging technologies, our layout fuses virtual and physical environmental elements to enhance resilience. By utilizing lessons learned from COVID-19 adaptations and experiences, we aim to deploy spatial cues that support learners, allowing play, personalized learning styles, refuge, physical activity, and multiple modes of human interaction to reinvigorate the learning setting and challenge the status quo. The Learning Playground offers an example of a post COVID-19 educational environment that provides a restorative experience, addressing human needs while elevating technological integration. The design embraces experimentation and new platforms for learning and connecting in the future.

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