CSU Biology Building (Sustainability)

The new $54 million Biology Building at Colorado State University was designed by Hord Coplan Macht and constructed using a design/build delivery method with Haselden Construction. 

The building comprises 152,000 gsf in four stories and includes classroom and biology research facilities. The new building also includes an auditorium style lecture hall, computer labs for students, general teaching and research labs, and offices for faculty and graduate students. 

The CSU Biology Building is certified LEED Gold achieving 63 total points. Highlights include biology exhibits, a green wall, and two fish tanks. The project was able to achieve Innovation in Design: Biophilic Environment credit.  


  • Connected to campus and community bike network 
  • Site and roof materials selected to reduce heat island 


  • No potable water used for irrigation 
  • 37% indoor water use reduction from baseline 


  • 27% energy cost savings from baseline 
  • Enhanced commissioning on building systems 

Materials and Resources 

  • 81% construction waste diversion 
  • 24% of total building material manufactured with recycled content 
  • 17% of total building material manufactured and extracted within 500 miles of the project site. 


  • IAQ managed and monitors throughout construction 
  • Materials specified within the building envelope meet low emitting criteria 
  • Group and individual controls for lighting and temperature 
  • 90% of the floor area has a direct line of sight to the outdoors 


Learn more about the architecture of the CSU Biology Building.

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