O’Brien Park Playground Landscape Architecture

Situated in the heart of the Town of Parker, the O’Brien Park Playground stands as an exceptional destination catering to families of diverse ages and abilities. The redevelopment of an existing, antiquated conventional playground underwent a transformative process to embody community spirit, resulting in an inclusive and thrilling play area suitable for toddlers to adults. The overarching goal of the redesign was to craft an iconic, immersive, and intergenerational play space.

Marked by distinctive, specially crafted play structures, a hillside play experience featuring a built-in rock climbing wall, musical instruments, a variety of accessible play features, and sandblasted elements paying homage to the Town’s history, this playground was meticulously designed to address sensory, cognitive, social, emotional, communicative, and physical needs. Subtle nods to local historical events are seamlessly integrated into seat walls, pavement, and playground structures, echoing themes of the early exploration and establishment of Parker.

Crucial to the success of this project was an extensive community engagement process, involving meetings held in the park. These gatherings served as interactive, hands-on opportunities for individuals of all ages to contribute to shaping the vision of their future playground. The engagement process included in-person interactions as well as online engagement opportunities. Securing community buy-in for the redesign of this well-established park, situated prominently off Main Street, was imperative to the project’s success.

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