Mercy Medical Center Pathology Lab Renovations

As part of a long term master plan to relocate and reorganize the existing lab at Mercy Hospital in Baltimore, Hord Coplan Macht designed the Phase 1 Core Lab within 9,200 square feet of the McAuley Building. This project included a new air handling unit that was also placed on the same floor and required careful coordination for delivery access through the second story exterior wall and the creation of an architectural fresh air shaft through the existing building lobby.

The design of the project utilized flexible metal casework with adjustable shelves and suspended countertops and cabinets to provide maximum flexibility over time. The design layout included an expansion of their existing chemistry automation line and allowed for future expansion of this line as well as space for separate future automated analyzers on track systems.

To aid the client and users, HCM produced a 3-D scale model of the lab design, including equipment, using in-house Makerbot printers. This model was made to allow each subdepartment user group of the lab to hold and visualize their area of the lab and then place it back in context of the whole project. HCM supported the client’s coordination in the phased moving of equipment from the existing lab to the new space while maintaining continuous service to the hospital.