MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center NICU Meditation Garden

The MFSMC NICU Meditation Garden is a 3,550 sf interior courtyard garden surrounded by the NICU Lobby, the NICU patient rooms, and the existing Post Partum patient rooms.  The relationship of the architecture and garden, separated only by a glass wall from the new NICU addition, blurs the lines between indoors and outdoors.  The garden features multiple seating areas, including a separate garden for staff, with a variety of furniture types and arrangements to accommodate individuals or groups for dining or relaxing.  A wood and steel pergola with seating extends the lobby into the outdoors.  The lush plantings, designed to provide shade and four seasons of interest, are accented by whimsical sculptural lighted globes for evening interest, and two stainless steel globe water features.  The materials, colors, and shapes of the garden features are reflected in the colors, materials and shapes of the interior NICU renovation further making the two spaces feel like one.