Legacy Peak Elementary School (Graphic Design)

Legacy Peak Elementary School is an Academy 20 District school that houses 600 students between preschool and fifth grade.  Designed by Hord Coplan Macht, the HCM Interior and Graphic Design Teams collaborated closely with the school to create bold, playful graphics that support the existing branding of the school. The graphics and signage were designed to embrace the unique energy and brightness of each student. Several murals were installed throughout the school; they utilize illustrated landscapes to symbolize the student community and legacy. Special attention was given to ensure that the murals were approachable and “friendly” through the balance of shapes. A pivot panel system was installed in the Learning Commons, known as “The Grove,” as a playful way to communicate the school’s vision and mission.

To learn more about the architecture services Hord Coplan Macht provided for this project, click here.

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