Intermountain Rural Electric Association

The interior renovations of the Intermountain Rural Electric Association (IREA) office space created an open, flexible work environment that offers employee amenities, meets the needs of the modern professional, and anticipates future changes to attract and maintain staff.

The design concept is to provide a dynamic interior experience that breaks the symmetrical form as expressed in the configuration of the building footprint. This will be achieved by incorporating collaborative work zones strategically throughout the interior, offer multiple paths of travel, and provide a fresh interpretation of IREA’s mid-century modern décor. Design goals include providing an open, collaborative work environment for a traditional company, creating a seamless transition between the existing building and new additions. and integrating the strong and timeless existing elements into the new interior

Phase 2 was the final renovation of the old office area in IREA’s headquarters building which totaled 23,100 SF. Both floors were laid out using the open office concept similar to Phase 1. The result is the majority of the area being an open office concept with workstations, rather than a handful of private offices and conference rooms. The training room was redone also, including a state-of-the-art A/V system. All restrooms were redone to be ADA compliant and a Mother’s Room was added as well. The HVAC system was replaced which included a new roof top unit and all light fixtures were replaced with LED fixtures.

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