El Pueblo Master Plan

El Pueblo Master Plan

El Pueblo is the location of the original 1842 trading post that was the foundation for the City of Pueblo, Colorado. Now considered the heart of the city, the site is home to the El Pueblo History Museum, recreated period-specific adobe trading post, public plaza, and the Bill Buckles Pavilion, covering an operational archaeological dig investigating the original trading post. Combining landscape architecture, preservation architecture and archaeology, Hord Coplan Macht provided a masterplan addressing archaeological collection, education, community engagement, sustainability, and improved site security.

Conceptual site design included a new plaza with regionally and culturally important plant material and site elements, interactive fountains, seating, improved lighting, and new enclosed pavilion intended to protect the current and future archaeological dig sites and invite public interaction while celebrating Pueblo’s past, present, and future.


City of Pueblo, Colorado


Pueblo, Colorado