Colorado School of Mines, Starzer Welcome Center (Graphic Design)

Hord Coplan Macht Interior and Graphic Design Teams worked closely with the Colorado School of Mines in the design of the Starzer Welcome Center to illustrate the impact that students and the school have on each other. The theme of ‘past, present and future’ was incorporated throughout the building using branding and graphic installations. Refreshing and sophisticated signage greets visitors, contributing to the overall aesthetic of the building with accentuated points of interest throughout the space.

The main lobby welcomes guests with a strong back-lit granite logo on a dark veneer wood wall. Leading into the additional spaces is a timeline communicating CSM’s rich history while highlighting the school’s present identity. Pieces of the timeline have removable magnetic panels to allow for future additions as the school continues to grow. The branding and signage make the Starzer Welcome Center an impressive introduction to the Colorado School of Mines campus.