Brain & Spine Institute at Lifebridge Health

Sinai Hospital, a Lifebridge Health Center, saw an opportunity to become a center of excellence. No other Maryland hospital was offering a comprehensive approach to treating patients with brain and spine injuries, prompting LifeBridge Health to partner with Hord Coplan Macht to design a state-of-the-art Brain and Spine Institute. We collaborated with nurses, faculty physicians and physicians whom LifeBridge Health wanted to attract to the new Institute. This approach was instrumental in obtaining feedback on what design layout and features would offer a physician-friendly environment conducive to providing the highest level of patient care.

Through this collaboration, HCM designed an Institute that brought together necessary disciplines under one umbrella—creating a unique interdisciplinary approach to healthcare. The design included the construction of a new outpatient facility in a medical office building on Sinai’s main campus and the redesign of an inpatient unit located in Sinai’s main hospital building.

The outpatient portion of the Brain & Spine Institute, located at the Mirowski Medical Office Building, presented HCM with a unique challenge. The existing outpatient services spanned two buildings on the main hospital campus and needed to be consolidated.

The design focused on meeting the needs of patients who would be coming in for procedures and leaving the same day. The facility is designed for easy access where patients can see a doctor, get a diagnostic test, get rehabilitated, and have an MRI—all in the same building. The overall design encompassed a warm and welcoming atmosphere, to make for a positive medical experience.