Avalon Bay Ballston

AVA Ballston is a redevelopment of an existing 1980’s era multifamily apartment building in the Ballston neighborhood of Arlington, VA. The project transformed an outdated courtyard with limited amenities into a space with a rich program that will appeal to younger residents. The existing courtyard was a mix of smaller spaces with no discernable organization and very few amenities apart from a swimming pool and small grill area.

The new design focused on creating an atmosphere of energy and community and created a new pool deck experience, a large community dining and grilling space, an open area for games and large group socializing, and a linear shade structure that provides cover over smaller, more intimate lounge rooms. Interior improvements included an expansion of the lobby and coworking spaces, a larger and better equipped gym, and a new retail space. The project was rife with design and construction challenges that included fitting an ambitious program into a limited space, building new elements over an existing subgrade parking structure and incorporating new waterproofing and drainage.

The Ballston neighborhood is experiencing a resurgence of retail and multifamily development, including the redevelopment of the adjacent Ballston Quarter retail space, all of which lends a vibrant energy to this project. The redesigned space creates a truly animated place with strong connections to the neighboring community.