Every summer, HCM’s student internship program gives the next generation of designers the opportunity to work on real projects within our studios while learning the operations of a firm.  Important skills for the next generation of designers!  This year, our cohort will also be working on a collaborative project where they will transform an office room in the Baltimore office into a mock-up state-of-the-art hospital patient room. Utilizing Building Information Modeling (BIM) software and Augmented Reality (AR), this project will encompass comprehensive stages of design, from initial concepts to detailed modeling and immersive visualizations.  

Continue below to meet this year’s talented intern class. 

Chandler Bell 

Chandler graduated from Morgan State University this year with a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture, and she will begin at Penn State University this fall for her Master of Architecture degree. Chandler interned with HCM last summer and had an amazing time in the healthcare market sector. She is excited to return and learn even more about the different market sectors at HCM through her work with the higher education sector.  

Welcome Back Chandler! 


Abby Buskirk 

Abby recently graduated from Clemson University with her Bachelor of Arts in Architecture and will be returning there in the fall to pursue a Master of Architecture. She will work with the PK-12 sector this summer and decided to intern with HCM because she is curious about working at a larger firm and appreciates the variety of specialties within. After finishing graduate school, she plans to move to a larger city to work as a licensed architect.  

Welcome Abby!  


Elizabeth Cline 

Elizabeth is a rising senior at the University of Maryland, majoring in architecture with a minor in construction project management. She will work with the Senior Living sector this summer and chose HCM for her internship because of the firm’s design philosophy and integrated approach. During her time here, she looks forward to strengthening her design thinking skills and technical knowledge and gaining a strong understanding of senior living. Post graduation, she plans to attend graduate school for a Master of Architecture degree and then pursue licensure.  

Welcome Elizabeth!

Laiqa Gitosuputro 

Laiqa recently graduated from Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and a minor in Arabic. She will work with the Higher Education sector this summer and came to HCM through the Future Faces Fellowship through the National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA). She was drawn to HCM for her internship when she asked her fellowship interviewers what they liked about working here, and they expressed respect for the firm, and she likes that HCM’s values are aligned with NOMA’s values, especially diversity, equity, and inclusion. During her time at HCM, she hopes to gain insight into the type of architecture work she wants to pursue and learn from knowledgeable and talented colleagues. After her internship she plans to take a gap year to spend more time with her family in Ohio and Indonesia before beginning graduate school next fall.  

Welcome Laiqa! 


Kevin Goodwin 

Kevin is currently pursuing a Master of Architecture at the University of Colorado Denver and will be working in the PK-12 sector this summer. He chose HCM because he wants to gain experience with a wide variety of projects. He looks forward to learning new skills and building on his existing skills during his internship. After graduation, he plans to focus on passing his ARE and work for a firm that closely aligns with his personal and professional goals. 

Welcome Kevin! 


Bridget Hewitt 

Bridget is currently pursuing a Master of Architecture at Clemson University and will be working with in the Higher Education sector. She enjoyed her internship last summer with HCM and is excited to continue learning with an amazing team. This year, she’s looking forward to gaining experience with industry design standards and practices with the other sectors and exploring visualization methods and how each sector utilizes them. After graduation, she plans to obtain a full-time position at a firm and focus on higher education or housing.  

Welcome Back Bridget!  


Tiffany Oduro 

Tiffany is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture at Morgan State University and will be working with the Healthcare sector this summer. She decided to intern at HCM because of how positively HCM employees spoke about the office culture at a career fair and because she is interested in the type of projects she could work on. During her time at HCM, she plans to learn more about how a firm functions and gain valuable skills she will need for her career. Her post-graduation goals are to pass her exams to become a licensed architect, travel the world, and work on many great projects until retirement.  

Welcome Tiffany!  


Tim Young 

Tim currently attends Lawrence Technological University and is majoring in Architecture. He chose HCM for a summer internship because of the firm’s multi-disciplinary fields and its highly collaborative environment with discussions and problem solving. He hopes to learn more about how architectural workflow moves within an office and gain a firmer knowledge of the complexities within the architecture field. His post-graduation goal is to work as a licensed architect. 

Welcome Tim!