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Hord Coplan Macht is an integrated firm offering planning, architecture, landscape architecture, interior design and environmental graphic design with offices in Baltimore, Maryland; Charleston, South Carolina; Charlotte, North Carolina; Denver, Colorado; Hilton Head Island, South Carolina; and the DC Metro area. We combine the goals of creating inspiring spaces with the principles of innovation, thoughtful design, technical strength, collaboration and financial responsibility to uphold our clients’ best interests and deliver high performing environments for the future. We are an award-winning design firm priding ourselves on leading a collaborative programming and design process that results in beautiful, environmentally responsible, user-friendly spaces. Our process is guided by the belief that all successful projects start by listening (and hearing) to what users and stakeholders really need and ultimately desire.


Creative. Entrepreneurial. Responsible. Diverse. Sensitive. We’re all about trying to achieve something special here. We don’t over plan, we look for opportunities. We’re flexible and we care about helping people realize their potential. We do much more as a team than simply design together, we also volunteer at schools in our communities, play softball, plant trees, climb mountains, prepare meals for families at local children’s hospitals, and much more.

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Passion for design is the enduring legacy of founders Ed Hord, Lee Coplan and Carol Macht. What sets us apart is our people. Leading our designs, interacting with our clients and creating great spaces, our principals make Hord Coplan Macht stand out among our peers. They are diverse, talented and experienced. Their capabilities, skills and expertise make them excellent mentors, advisers and leaders for clients and our employees.

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Design Philosophy

We at Hord Coplan Macht aspire to create a better future by clear, purposeful design solutions. Through diverse perspectives, the power of place, and the importance of craft we continually challenge the familiar to discover the unique.

Diversity is the foundation of our approach. The range of our people, our passions, and the places we work enables us to discover vital, empathetic solutions to new challenges. We approach each opportunity with humility and an interdisciplinary team of design expertise.

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Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at Hord Coplan Macht

Hord Coplan Macht was founded on principles of fairness, empathy and community, and we take pride in the way our firm culture has always embodied these values. As with everything we do, we are striving to improve, and we realize the need to push forward our tenets and focus our attention even more on anti-racism. We recognize that the legacy of centuries of social and economic injustice continues to afflict our society. We acknowledge that implicit bias and systemic privilege are pervasive issues that need to be tackled in order to achieve meaningful change. We know we must do our part to amplify the voice of communities that have historically been marginalized and discriminated against. We understand that, in order to engage in non-optical allyship, anti-racism must be a consideration in each of our interactions and decisions. There can be no tolerance for any form of racism at any level or in any community.

There is an abundance of resources available to each of us on the history of, and current issues with, civil rights and anti-racism. Our goal is to listen, learn, and do the work required of us as a firm to educate ourselves on the experiences of BIPOC individuals in this country and our profession.

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