High School Interior Design Resources

Interested in becoming an interior designer!? Great! The projects and resources on this page will help you dive deeper into what it is like to work as an interior designer. Don’t forget to check out the architecture and landscape architecture pages to learn more about similar fields.

How To Make A Mood Board
A collage of colors, textures, and objects that helps an interior designer brainstorm the way a room will look.

Recreate Your Space!
Redesign your room in an environmentally friendly way.

The Nature Of Abstract Art 
Use nature to inspire your own abstract art.

Design Your Space
14  fun design challenges.

SketchUp For Beginners
Start creating 3D models of your space.

Discover Light In Space
Learn how light influences your room.

Draw Your Plan
Imagine taking the roof off of a building and looking down inside it.

Draw A Section
A section drawing gives us a more complete idea of what a building might look like when it is built.

Mood Board
More mood board inspiration!

Check Out These Interior Design Books!

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