Since our founding, HCM has placed high value on not only designing spaces to positively impact communities, but getting out into our local communities to make a difference!

This fall, team members from offices across the country have been a part of community service projects, from raising money for important causes to getting out and pulling weeds. Take a look at some of the highlights below!












HCM volunteers from the Baltimore area joined community members and staff of the 29th Street Community Center in Baltimore City to plant trees and shrubs and build planters for a neighborhood open space. Students from the adjacent elementary school and community center programs will grow vegetables, learn to cook, and enjoy healthy food!



The Denver based team held their office wide day of service at Rocky Mountain Lake Park. The team planted 10 trees, spread new mulch throughout the park, and took care of weeding and painting.



Team members in and around Washington, DC visited Ferdinand T. Day Elementary School to build and install bird feeders with students, reinforcing lessons on local birds, habitat and ecology.


Teams from both Charlotte and Baltimore participated in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s this month too!