Hord Coplan Macht Principal Rick Abbott, AIA, EDAC recently spoke with Mercy Medical Center’s Helen Leek on “Finding Room for the Physician’s Office in the Integrated Outpatient Center” at the HealthCare Design Expo & Conference in Houston, TX.

Session Overview:

The current trend in outpatient center design has been to remove the physician’s office from the center and instead provide only a workspace. This roundtable will explore historical examples of the placement of offices both in and out of the outpatient center and will include discussions regarding function, patient satisfaction, and staff/physician satisfaction.

Once the groundwork has been established, moderators will explore the pod model developed by Mercy Health Services for both primary care and specialty physicians over the last 10 years. This model incorporates the traditional office/exam room model into a flexible design.

I22- Finding Room for the Physician's Office in the Integrated Outpatient Center WEBSITE VERSION

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