Ed Hord, retired Founding Principal of Hord Coplan Macht, has been honored with the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award by ULI Baltimore for his outstanding contributions to the field of architecture and design. The award recognizes Ed’s remarkable journey and instrumental role in shaping Baltimore’s urban landscape through innovative housing solutions.


“I have always been interested in the impact housing can make in communities,” said Ed Hord during a recent interview. He highlighted his firm’s commitment to addressing housing challenges, beginning with the adaptive reuse of historic buildings, which later evolved to focus on affordable and senior housing projects. Under Ed’s visionary leadership, Hord Coplan Macht has successfully transitioned into market rate and mixed-use apartment developments while maintaining a robust Affordable Housing studio, which stands as a testament to his dedication to improving communities.

Among his project highlights, Ed Hord pointed to several remarkable achievements in Baltimore City:

  • Harbor Hill Apartments (Old Southern High School): Located on Federal Hill, this project marked the firm’s first historic adaptive reuse, transforming an old school overlooking the Inner Harbor from Federal Hill into a vibrant mix of market rate and affordable apartments, demonstrating Ed’s commitment to preserving the past while creating modern living spaces.
  • Old Friends School: An early example of adaptive reuse, the Old Friends School project in Bolton Hill showcased Ed’s ability to breathe new life into historic structures, converting an aging school building into functional and appealing housing units.
  • Remington Row: Situated in Remington, this innovative mixed-use development seamlessly combines retail, medical facilities, and housing, reflecting Ed’s forward-thinking approach to urban design.
  • Union Wharf Apartment: Nestled in the heart of Fells Point, this apartment complex, complemented by retail spaces, embraces the waterfront and adds to Baltimore’s dynamic skyline.
  • AHEPA Apartments: In the Canton neighborhood, Ed’s dedication to senior housing and affordability is evident in this project, providing a comfortable and secure living environment for the community’s elderly residents.
  • City Arts Apartments I and II: Reflecting Ed’s commitment to fostering creativity, these affordable artist apartments in the Greenmount West neighborhood serve as a hub for local artists, enriching the community’s cultural fabric.

Prominent architects have influenced Ed Hord’s dedication to his craft, and among them is Moshe Safdie, who served as both a mentor and a source of inspiration. Safdie’s innovative designs and community-focused approach left an indelible mark on Ed’s architectural philosophy, influencing his commitment to creating spaces that blend functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Kristian Spannhake, Chair of ULI Baltimore, commended Ed Hord’s profound impact on the architectural landscape, stating,

“Ed’s dedication to innovative and community-focused housing solutions has left an indelible mark on Baltimore. His visionary leadership and commitment to affordable and sustainable design align perfectly with ULI Baltimore’s mission, making him deserving of the Lifetime Achievement Award.”

Ed Hord’s remarkable journey and transformative projects have reshaped Baltimore’s urban fabric and set a standard for sustainable and community-centered design. As a pioneer in adaptive reuse, affordable housing, and senior living solutions, Ed Hord continues to inspire both his peers and the younger generation of architects.



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About Ed Hord:
Ed Hord is a retired founding Principal of Hord Coplan Macht in Baltimore, Maryland. With a passion for housing and sustainable design, Ed has led his firm to achieve remarkable milestones in the field of architecture. His dedication to revitalizing communities and providing innovative housing solutions has garnered him the esteemed Lifetime Achievement Award from ULI Baltimore.

About ULI Baltimore:
Urban Land Institute (ULI) Baltimore is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing leadership in the responsible use of land and in creating and sustaining thriving communities. ULI Baltimore seeks to advance the responsible use of land and the creation of sustainable and thriving communities in the Baltimore region.