Design Philosophy

We at Hord Coplan Macht aspire to create a better future by clear, purposeful design solutions. Through diverse perspectives, the power of place, and the importance of craft we continually challenge the familiar to discover the unique.

Diversity is the foundation of our approach. The range of our people, our passions, and the places we work enables us to discover vital, empathetic solutions to new challenges. We approach each opportunity with humility and an interdisciplinary team of design expertise.

We believe in the power of place; therefore, we create spaces that amplify vitality of each place we impact. The spirit of these places lies in the in-between. It is in between objects, walls, and buildings; in-between the landscape and sky where memories are captured, and relationships are nurtured. These experiences are made concrete by the character of the built environment.

We define character as materiality plus craft. We live surrounded by a tapestry of textures and colors, each a contributing to our environment in both seen and unseen ways. Our work combines this appeal to the senses with a responsibility to society’s success. We create environments which are greater than the sum of their parts.

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