Hord Coplan Macht is proud to announce that the following team members have been promoted in recognition for their skills and leadership not only within the firm, but also the community. Congratulations to our team members on this achievement!


Heather Flannery

Jennifer Geczi

Nancy Suchowski

Keval Thakkar

Leah Wettstein

Senior Associate

Heather Bemis
Mike Bensky
Scott Erstad
Brad Holder
Valerie Kirkley
Christine Poppe
Sarah Rineer


Jordan Billingsley
Sheri Binkly
Barry Burton
Cheoly Cha
Laura Finuf
Miles Glover
Sarah Harvey
Kacey Huntington
Norma Leonard
Laura Lumadue
Daniel Morrison
Chris Peterson
Annika Plevich
Melanie Ray
Angela Schmitz
Megan Smith
Lauren Uhlig
Patrick Whealton