Where in the World is HCM?

Diversity in Motion: Around the World with HCM


A large part of what makes Hord Coplan Macht so unique is our diverse array of strengths. From Healthcare to Education, Landscape to Interior Design, our multi-studio approach provides a diversity in expertise that allows us to see the big picture and provide exceptional work for our clients. But it’s not just our work – we see the value of diversity across the board, including in our personal experiences.


Just one example of this is the trips many of us have taken this year. In total, HCM staff traveled over 15,000 miles to various destinations – some local, others far, far away. That’s roughly the equivalent of traveling more than halfway around the world!


Check out pictures from a few of our trips around the world (can you spot the HCM bag in each?):


Project Manager Wei-Chung Chang traveled with his family to Taiwan.











Melanie Ray, Designer, took her HCM bag to Machu Picchu, Peru.

HCM Bag_Melanie









Multi-family studio architect, Annika Plevich, on a trip to Falkland, Scotland.











Marketing Principal John Lange brought his HCM bag on a sailing trip to Solomon’s Island.








From the edges of the world to the cutting-edge of the industry, HCMers continue to push boundaries for both personal and professional growth. Interested in becoming a part of our world-traveling team? Check out our Careers section or head over to our Facebook page to get to know us better and hear from HCMers what working here is all about.



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