Find your balance, grow your skills. Life at Hord Coplan Macht

It’s the height of career fair season and as we travel from one college campus to the next, we wanted to take a moment to capture what Hord Coplan Macht is really all about. So we decided to go straight to the source and ask some of our staff what they think about working for us. Some great quotes and comments came back to us but what we noticed immediately was that two key themes stood out: Balance and growth. Take a look.


Last Softball game 2015

“One thing I really like about working here is the balance of hard work and remembering to celebrate life and have fun,” Marketing Manager Erinn A. Harkness said.

 Wendy Oberer from our Housing, Multi-family studio team agrees. “At HCM we work hard, and we have a life after work to play hard as well.”

As we grow (we’re more than 200 strong with offices in Maryland, Virginia, and Colorado), it becomes more vital than ever to stay connected and supportive of our ever-expanding team. It would be easy to lose touch with our roots as we continue to add more and more people, but we’re determined to strengthen the close-knit environment that defines us, while providing HCMers with the resources they need to grow. And it’s working. 

“One thing I really like about working here is having the benefits and resources of a large firm with the atmosphere and studio culture of a small firm,” said Architectural Designer Melanie Ray. The best of both worlds.

“I’ve learned more in the past 11 months than I learned in the previous four years at different firms,” said Designer Rachel Cowen. “HCM constantly challenges me to explore, research, question and grow. It’s a company filled with people and resources offering a wealth of knowledge.”



Simply put? “They want me to be me,” says Senior Associate Casey Smith. 

Of course there were more great responses and a lot of other reasons HCMers love working here, but the overwhelming response was this: Hord Coplan Macht is built with professional balance in mind and a clear path for growth. So what are you waiting for? Apply now and be sure to check our social media channels for more perspectives from HCM’s ever-growing team.


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