Is Community Service Our Secret Ingredient? HCM’s Approach to Giving Back

One of the guiding principles of Hord Coplan Macht’s practice is a commitment to the community we serve.

This commitment to service is not merely a “nice to have,” it’s a firm-wide investment. In fact, many of HCM’s community initiatives even occur during work hours and are fully supported by the firm.

“Last year, we had about 700 hours of community service projects during work hours and people donated 1,300 hours of time for professional service,” Julie said. “That’s 2,000 hours, which is about the equivalent of a full time employee. It’s an indicator of how supportive the firm is of people doing community and professional service.”

Here is just a glimpse into the great work the Social Responsibility Committee and its volunteers have done so far to better the community:


























  • Ronald McDonald House family dinner events, where HCM teams cook meals for families whose children are undergoing medical treatment.













  • Reading Partners, a mentoring project for city elementary students who are behind in their reading skills.










Pro bono design work with the Neighborhood Design Center.





While the community benefits from the services provided through the Social Responsibility Committee initiatives, the volunteers themselves—and HCM as a whole—benefit as well. At Hord Coplan Macht, we believe that excellent design can’t happen without exceptional people. And exceptional people flourish when they’re empowered to serve others.

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