Blair Simms

From Student to Architect: How an Internship at Hord Coplan Macht Creates Great Professionals

  • January 23, 2014
  • HCM

Where are Hord Coplan Macht interns now?  And how did their experience here shape their career?


By: Blair Simms

Hord Coplan Macht prides itself in giving aspiring architects a chance to learn the ropes. As an intern I have learned an incredible amount about how an architectural office works. I have had the chance to go on site visits and work on interesting projects in both the Housing and Education studios. The opportunity to work here has definitely inspired me and I know it has inspired countless others as well. I decided to find out how by catching up with a couple of alumni from the HCM internship program to see where they are in their careers and how HCM has impacted their lives.

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