Midwestern State University Campus Plan

Midwestern State University Campus Plan

“revitalizing student life”

Founded in 1922 in a high school as a local “junior college,” the institution has transformed into a 6,000-student university on a 255-acre campus. However, the rapid growth seen over the last decade has taxed the university’s ability to meet the needs of its students. In addition, due to incremental planning, the campus began to suffer from a lack of clarity and identity. The proposed plan restructures the campus to revitalize student life, connect the campus with refined open spaces, and create a strong sense of entry clarifying the image of the university. New student housing and a plan to incorporate a new Greek village will bring more vitality to the campus core. A new 12,000 stadium and new fields are proposed which will enliven student life and proved a tie to the larger community.

Chris Rice has been a trusted advisor to the university on several building and landscape projects since 2013.


Midwester State University


Wichita Falls, Texas