Alexander Dawson School Master Plan

Alexander Dawson School Master Plan

Leveraging our extensive campus master planning portfolio with our local knowledge of the region, we are creating a new campus master plan for the Alexander Dawson School, a 540-student, K-12 coed day school, located in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains.

Charged with creating a campus plan that captures Dawson’s innovative curriculum while maximizing their spectacular campus views, the design team led the school through a series of on-site collaborative workshops, designed to engage the entire Dawson community in the process. Beginning with a series of visioning exercises, followed by hands-on exercises where different options were explored, the team developed a plan to meet expanding needs, while adhering to a very restrictive development agreement.

With a top priority being the creation of a new Innovation lab, the plans also explore ways to better align the facilities with the school’s different divisions and departments, without sacrificing campus cohesion.

Site improvements being considered include realigning surrounding roads to create a more distinct separation between pedestrians and vehicles, while also providing a more fitting sense of arrival to the campus.

The plan is presented in sequential phases of development, to allow the school to construct the improvements as funding becomes available, while also addressing the highest priority improvements first.