Project detail

Remington Row

Baltimore, Maryland
Architecture, Baltimore, Maryland, Mixed Use, Multi-family, Urban

We developed a concept design for Remington Row that involves the adaptive reuse of two existing buildings and the design of one new multifamily, mixed-use building. The buildings are located on three separate, but adjacent, Baltimore City blocks (2700 and 2800 Remington Avenue and 211 W. 28th Street) along Remington Avenue.

The concept design led to the full design and construction of 2700 Remington.  This building is under construction and expected to be open in August 2016.  Each block is described below:

2700 Remington

A new multifamily, mixed-use residential building is being designed for this block. It will contain two levels of below-grade parking, surface parking, loading and retail at ground level, one level of office space and three levels of residential units.

2800 Remington

The design for this block calls for the adaptive reuse of an existing two-story building. The renovation plans call for approximately 13,000 gsf of retail, 9,000 gsf of office and structured parking. The retail and some parking will be located on Level 1 and the commercial office and additional structured parking will be located on Level 2.

211 W. 28th Street

Adaptive reuse of an existing one-story building to better utilize the existing approximately 3,000 gsf of retail. The existing surface parking lot will be reconfigured to provide additional green space.