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Parker Performing Arts School

Parker, Colorado
K-12 Education
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Parker Performing Arts School is a Douglas County K-8 public charter school with a core curriculum and an emphasis on performing arts. Parker Performing Arts will open in the fall of 2015. The school  will serve approximately 900 students. A 350 seat auditorium will be part of the school.  Performances are planned to be scheduled when school is not in session.


The proposed building is a 52,114 square foot two story building with a footprint of 35,918 square feet. The majority of the building’s exterior is composed of painted stucco with a brick masonry base.  The pattern and rhythm of the colors in the music wing is intended to tie into an abstract melody and chord with a harmonic set of 3 notes sounding in succession.  The two story classroom wing has a more formal rhythm and pattern that aligns itself with the interior classroom layout and design.  The colors selected are meant to fall into a more traditional palette that includes earthy tans with a deep red accent.


The facility features a well-insulated building envelope, VAV rooftop heating & cooling units, glass “tuned for solar orientation”, and LED lighting.