Project detail

Mercy Personal Physicians at Glen Burnie

Glen Burnie, Maryland
Architecture, Diagnostic, HealthCare, Interior Design, Maryland, MOB

The Personal Physicians office is a renovation of an existing detached grocery store. The renovation includes replacing all of the existing mechanical systems and upgrading the existing electrical systems. Exterior upgrades include canopy modifications, window replacements and building branding elements. The project is designed to provide numerous outpatient services to the surrounding community. The services include primary care, specialty care, imaging (MRI, CT, X-Ray), and lab/blood draw.

The plan is based on a pod concept where each physician has their own pod including one office, one medical assistant workstation with a mix of two and three exam rooms. This allows the physicians to personalize and take ownership of their space. The pods and the rooms within the pods are designed around a standard modular dimension which allows for future modification and growth.