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MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center NICU

Architecture, Baltimore, Healing Garden, HealthCare, Hospital, Inpatient, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Maryland, Pediatric

The existing 23 bed open-bay NICU at MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center provided a critical care environment for infants and families with a floor plan based on decades-old clinical design philosophies. Through a commitment to patient and family-centered care, the new NICU transforms the environment into a space promoting care, family participation, and staff satisfaction. The NICU has 23 total beds, including 19 private rooms with accommodations for multiples.  In a family-centered care environment, the balance of visibility and privacy are essential for the wellbeing of the newborn and family, and responsiveness of the staff. At the same time, the family-centered design fosters community among patients’ families. At the Franklin Square NICU, the mission statement is simple:

“Create an exceptional evidence-based family centered care facility for newborn infants in a welcoming environment that promotes healing and encourages partnership between families and healthcare team”

Each portion of the space integrates key elements that promote interaction among all parties in the healing environment, developing a sense of transparency for all members of the care team.

This project was named a finalist in the  National Patient and Family Centered NICU Design Competition.  Sponsored by The Institute for Patient-Centered Design, the award program recognizes spaces that facilitate healing and encourage patient and family participation. Hord Coplan Macht’s design was honored to receive second place, among entrants from across the industry, in this international competition.