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Johnson & Wales University Centennial Hall

Denver, Colorado
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The renovation of Treat Hall, recently renamed Centennial Hall, is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to bring this outstanding historic building to life as a 21st century academic center for the Johnson & Wales University in Denver. When the building was completed in the early 1900s it served as the entire campus for the Colorado Women’s College including classrooms, library, administration, residences and dining. The primary design concept at this time is to return Centennial Hall to its former use as the multi-use hub for the University.

There is a tremendous amount of work to be done because the building interiors are so outmoded. Additionally there is the wish to create a truly future-oriented functionality and spirit for the facilities within. Most of the renovations will take place in the interior of the building with only a few small additions on the exterior. When complete, the new Centennial Hall will be a dynamic building, marrying its wonderful heritage with 21st century innovations.

Hord Coplan Macht, formerly known as SLATERPAULL, worked closely with several jurisdictions to gain approval on the exterior work of Centennial Hall. Denver Landmark Preservation Commission and Historic Denver both have interests in this building. Our firm brings years of experience navigating the state and local jurisdiction approval process to every project we work on.

Centennial opened its doors in the summer of 20156 as a one-stop student service center, home of new administrative and faculty offices, as well as a grab-and-go cafe. It also features five much-needed classrooms to the University. This facility is a great example of sustainable design – it proves an old building can make a great 21st century educational space.

Centennial Hall was recently featured on the cover of College Planning & Management magazine