Dover HS_Library_view across main seating area

Not Hush Hush Anymore – Libraries transform to learning commons

“Today, school libraries are undergoing a transformation — becoming not just a place to house resources but one in which to create meaning from them. Technology is playing a large role in this change, as virtually every student has the potential to carry a global library on his or her device. With this change, the role of the library has become more central to the learning environment. In the evolution from library to learning commons, we are eliminating the formal, “whispering only,” reputation that has long been associated with libraries and instead bringing together the best of physical (books) and digital to support self-directed learning in a rich, interactive environment.”

Read more about this in an article written by Hord Coplan Macht Principal Adele Wilson, AIA for School Planning and Management magazine.


Dover HS_Library_view across main seating area


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