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Hord Coplan Macht Project Honored for Excellence in Landscape Architecture

  • May 16, 2013
  • HCM

Hord Coplan Macht is proud to announce that its restoration of the District of Columbia War Memorial, located in the National Mall, has won the Presidential Award of Excellence in the Annual Professional Awards Program by the American Society of Landscape Architects — Maryland and Potomac Chapters.                                                                                    

Constructed in 1931 using funds donated by citizens of D.C., the District of Columbia War Memorial honors the 26,000 District residents who served in World War I.  Located on the National Mall in a wooded setting, the temple-like open air structure was designed to serve as both a memorial and a bandstand.  Original construction problems, ill-advised planting campaigns and decades of deferred maintenance caused severe deterioration of both the site and structure.

Working in collaboration with the National Park Service, Hord Coplan Macht led a team of preservation architects, conservators, cultural landscape architects and engineers in a $5 million restoration of the cultural landscape and memorial.   Now fully restored, the District of Columbia War Memorial once again stands proudly with our nation’s great monuments to liberty and freedom.