The Pinkard Building sits on the corner of Wolfe and McElderry streets in East Baltimore, an imposing brick and cast stone structure that houses the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. For over 20 years, this structure has occupied half a city block directly across from one of Johns Hopkins Hospital’s main entrances. At the time it was built, the Pinkard Building gave the nursing program, which had been spread out over six buildings on the Hopkins medical campus, a central, dedicated location for teaching and research.

Since then, the program has grown significantly and is the number one ranked graduate nursing school nationally. As a thought leader, research center, and educational program, the School of Nursing has outgrown its old building, both in size and use. Hord Coplan Macht in association with Willliam Rawn Associates of Boston, is in the design development phase of a $45 million combined renovation and addition that will revolutionize not only the physical space the school occupies, but the way in which students, researchers, faculty, and the public interact, learn, and connect.